May 18, 2017

Instrument Rental

Capitol Music USA – Quality Instruments and Service Since 1955

Capitol Music remains committed to the goal of putting an instrument in your child’s hands (or yours) easier and at less cost than any other music dealer. Whether you purchase the instrument at a substantial savings using our cash discount allowance, or take advantage of one of our many “rent-to-own” plans, renting an instrument from us takes the headache out of your child’s starting in band or orchestra.

Instrument Rental

Your financial obligation to rent any instrument is only ten percent of the price of the instrument. After the first month, you simply decide each month thereafter whether to continue to rent. If you decide not to rent anymore, return the instrument and you pay no more, and you will never be hassled about your decision to stop renting. We strive to make buying or renting an instrument from us such a pleasant experience that you will readily tell others.

Most of our sales staff are former band directors with many years of experience guiding students and their parents toward a rewarding future in instrumental music. They are able to provide product information and even help new students correct common playing problems.

Capitol Music will repair any of its rental instruments, new or used, for up to 24 months at no cost. This service warranty applies to damage as a result of “normal” usage and does not cover catastrophic events such as backing over it in your car! Also, missing parts and abuse are not covered under our service warranty. Jim Darby is a master repair person with over 50 year’s experience and an outstanding reputation for first-rate work. Many professional musicians trust his knowledge and skills when it comes to fine adjustments to their own instruments. Also, Darby is proud to have personally called on schools and serviced bands in Alabama longer than any other person in the band instrument business.

At Capitol Music, renting an instrument means:

  • You may rent almost new or used instruments
  • You may rent student, intermediate, or professional instruments
  • You do not pay finance or carrying charges
  • There are no “hidden” or add-on charges of any kind
  • There is more than one “rent-to-own” plan
  • Credit history problems have a solution
  • Your minimum financial obligation is only 10%
  • There are special discounts for paying cash
  • There is a cash discount on the purchase of new instruments
  • Rental contracts are short, simple, and easy-to-understand
  • All rent paid applies toward the purchase price of the instrument.
  • Instruments may be returned or exchanged for a different band instrument at any time
  • Every rental instrument is thoroughly checked out and adjusted before it leaves the store
  • You have the best service warranty in the business–24 month’s of free service on all rental instruments, new or used.