June 4, 2017

About The Site

Please Take Note: We are NOT the Official Site of Capitol Records and we are in no way affiliated with them.

This site is for all the Music lovers out there. We don’t provide services and we don’t sell products in this site.

Music has always been a buddy of humanity since the first cavemen made a flute made out of bird bones. We absolutely love listening to it. Our lives are not complete without it. Some even made a fortune by doing it.

So, we have decided to create a website out of our fascination about music. We are here to give you awesome musical facts and news. Maybe put out a list or something. But one thing’s for sure, we’re pretty certain that you will love it.

If you want to request a list, please feel free to message us on our Contact Us page. We will grant your every wish as long as it’s related to music.

Stay tuned for our latest articles every week!